Mountains of the world

The theme of my exhibition is one that follows different types of Mountains around the World. This exhibition displays groups of Snowy Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Desert Mountains and one Volcanic Mountain. Different types of Mountains have been included so that audiences can contrast between the pieces and so they are able to see the overall theme of 'Mountains' through different perspectives and surroundings.                           The artworks are all created through different mediums such as oil paintings, sculptures and ink/colour on silk. Despite this difference in mediums/types of art, all of the artworks relate to one another as they all depict Mountains and the landscape surrounding it. However, each work is unique in the way the Mountain and landscape is being viewed. Each piece of art is created using the visual art elements and different techniques are used by the artists to capture what the landscape is telling the artist in a way that then lets audiences pick up on the beauty of what is being displayed. There are works in both colour and black and white, allowing audiences to connect with the purpose or perspective of the piece and the artist who created it.                              Some of the pieces focus on just the Mountain whilst others also include the landscape, however all of the pieces depict the Mountain as the salient, larger feature in the artwork.                                                                    Therefore, each selected artwork in my exhibition displays the 'Mountains around the World' and whilst they are all different, unique pieces, they all focus on this natural element. 

Cultural Frame This piece displays the Cultural frame as it was created based on a traditional Chinese story, therefore creates cultural identity and the techniques and medium/type of artwork it is further represent the culture in which it is from.
Subjective Frame This piece uses as a subjective frame as the artist has created it using their own imagination and the way that they have not included a landscape around the mountain or used colours that are usually associated with a mountain expresses the way that the artist has viewed this theme. This artwork can also be defined as expressive as the techniques and unusual colour may have been chosen to suit the artists emotions and feelings at the time.
Post Modern Frame This piece is an example of a post modern frame as it uses the technique of recontextualisation. This technique is present in the way that the artist has placed things in the background of each Mountain which realistically are not there. Furthermore, this piece challenges peoples traditional view and idea on Mountains.
Structural Frame This piece displays a structural frame as it uses symbols, patterns and line to create the image. The darker tone, unusual size and frame and the overall composition of this piece further classifies it as having a structural frame as a lot of its features support the approach of this frame.
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