Nude Natural Beauty - LaToya Townson

This gallery includes representations of the natural color nude and the beautiful figures of a nude person.

This painting depicts the naturally nude figures of Adam and Eve. The scene refers to the temptation that led to their removal from the Garden of Eden showing them both holding an apple in their right hand. There is separation between them that was created by using each of the nude figures on two separate pieces of paper, a vertical strip down the middle and brown wash which all creates unity making Adam and Eve beautiful nude figures the focal point.
Venus Rising from the Sea (Venus Anadvomene’) depicts the beautiful nude Venus as the goddess of love. The scene shows a small scallop shell floating and Venus wringing out her hair. She arrived to the shore naturally nude and fully grown. Although, there is water behind her, Venus is at the center of the painting making her natural nude beautiful figure the focal point.
The Fall of Ixion depicts the natural nude figure of mythological Ixion falling into the fire of Tartus. The scene refers to when the father of gods, Zeus punished him for seducing his wife. The painting shows flowing lines in Ixion’s nude figure and on the fire around him which creates the illusion of movement as his natural nude body is thrown into the burning flames.
The Fall of the Titans depicts the Titans in Tartaros, the underworld. The painting shows a variety of muscular nude figures. The scene refers to the Titans causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, after being sent to the underworld by Zeus because they lost the fierce battle. The titan’s natural nudeness creates rhythm, proportion, and movement which unifies this piece artwork.
The Spring depicts the natural nude figure of a female model. The natural nude figure look like a marble statue. The model is standing calmly holding a vase that has water pouring out of it. The painting shows a beautiful stretched out nude body with smooth curves and the texture of the skin gives the illusion of flesh, which makes the natural nude figure look real.
This painting portrays a nude version of the mythological theme “The Birth of Venus”. The painting shows a natural beautiful nude figure surrounded by a variety of nude gods out in the sea. The nude figure is posing at the center of the painting making it the focal point in this srt piece.
The Socerer’s Slave depicts a full-length live study of a nude young boy. He is standing on a elk rug holding palm leaves. His nude body is stretched out carefully showing details of his nude figure.
The Reclining nude depicts the study of the naked human body. The painting shows a beautiful male nude figure lying on his back. The texture of the body is smooth and soft. The natural nude figure is at the center making the nude model focal point of this piece of art work.
Nude depicts an oil study of a nude man. The painting has no background. The scene focus on the natural nude body of the man, which shows him sitting down with his arm on the back of the chair. Charcoal sketches are shown in the model’s hands and throughout the painting which attracts attention to the nude figure.
This painting depicts the study of a sketched nude female figure. The painting focus solely on the beautiful nude body of the model. The same pattern style is repeated all over the art work showing unity and geometric shapes are used to show the length and width of the natural nude body.
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