Different Trees All Around

In my tree exhibition 'different trees all around' it shows all the different trees with all the different places they are and their structures. Trees are found in many different places in this exhibition with many different meanings. The artists that have created all of these artworks have shown all the texture that is in all these different trees and have used this to make it look more realistic. The artists have also used different types of canvas' like portrait or landscape to show the variety of trees with their different backgrounds and settings. It shows hoe small trees can be and how big they can all become. They have also used different ways to create these artworks by using different materials such as paints, water colours, pencils and even more. All these artists in this exhibition have shown all these different ways that trees can be represented and where they can be. In some images in this exhibition show that trees can be found in many different places like deserts, bush land and forests and many more places. In the artworks it shows all the different places that trees can be located and where each tree is usually found or can be found. The artists have created these artworks showing how nature is a big part of our lives and to show the significance of it. It also shows the beauty of trees and what it brings to all nature. My selected artworks all relate to each other because they are all very similar, have the same meaning and getting the same word across to all of the views of the artwork.

Subjective: This image is subjective as it is set at the sunset and it is very calm, it has very light but also warm colours which gives us a feeling that when we look at it, it is very calm and relaxed.
Cultural: This artwork is a cultural image by the way the tree is drawn and also by the name of the artwork. This tree is a type of Asian cultural tree and it is also said by the name 'Feng River' which is in Asia.
Structual: This image is a structual frame because of how it is set out showing everything that is going on. This structure has helped create the image to the way it is now. It also helps us understand it more.
Post Modern: This image has turned trees in a more modern way as they are not using much texture that trees have. This artist has drawn and sculpted trees in a modern way by not using tree like features.
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