peregrination of visual antiquity

This journey throughout some historical art work will take a down a path analyzing the visual look of the artwork along with the different shades of colors utilized.   

This unique and gentle painting was by Spanzotti in the late 1400s. Displayed in the painting are the four angles circled around Virgin and her child. I selected this painting for the textural and color themes found throughout it. It all the historical painting I observed, the ones that seem to catch my eyes were the painting that had this reddish, golden brown, and maybe some blue or green. It has a very gritty nature to it and yet sophisticated.
This work of art by Pieter Bruegel the Elder is of a painted building set on reaching the heavenly skies. The building appears to be placed on uneven terrain with a slope that causes the building the sink in to the left slightly. I picked this picture to represent the texture and color themes I noticed through Art History. Again this pictures uses similar qualities of other ancient art works. This painting has a vivid amount of a beige color, but the different shades of reddish brown color, blue and green are present. These painting have a very gritty feel to them
Fratelli Alinari took this picture of the leaning tower, around the 1850s. This painting doesn’t have any of the shades of coloring mentioned before, however, it does seem to have that overall grittiness.
This picture of the spanish steps and church of Trinita dei Monti was taken by Tommaso Cucioni. This work of art, similar to the Leaning Tower, displayed a grittiness and yet high variation in color without the use of many colors. It’s contrast with subtle shade changes and captured detail represents the texture and style of this gallery.
Credits: All media
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