Colorful World

I chose this piece because I like the dark colors it has because it portrays that its an old mask, and that it has been used.
I chose this piece because even though it has many colors and it may look confusing, you can still tell what it is. 
I chose this because I love how the geometric shapes fall into place. Also, I like how they made a good contrast between the colors.
I like this piece because it contains dark and light colors and they're place in a way that doesn't look bad.
I chose this piece because it looks realistic. The colors really help in this.
I chose this piece because its one of my favorites. Also, I enjoy all the warm colors Van Gogh used, for me, it states that even in a dark night, there's some brightness.
I enjoy this piece because of all the colors it has, its bright and it brings attention too it.
In this piece, the colors makes seem like its during the old times.
This piece is amazing, the colors really helps you understand that it wasn't a bright day, it was a stormy day.
I enjoyed this piece because it shows you the colors used in different patterns.
Just like the piece before, I enjoyed it because of how all the colors are layer out.
I enjoy this piece because of the use in color. Even though it's one color, it looks like a gradient.
Credits: All media
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