Principles of ART

This artwork shows line, shape, and color. This artwork is an example of pattern, which in this case it is a repetition of shape and color. The colors red and yellow are repeated and the ear shape.
This artwork shows shape, form, space, color and texture.This is an example of emphasis.The fire is the main idea of the artwork,it "grabs" attention by its bright colors and position on the artwork.
This artwork shows color and line. This is an example of variety. This artwork includes different colors and lines.
This artwork shows color,value,and space.This is an example of unity.This artwork contains many different elements,but it works together because they remain under the same color scheme.
This artwork shows color,line,and shape. This is an example of symmetrical balance. The shapes of the design remains the same on both sides. Even though the colors change the shapes never do.
This artwork shows color and form. This is an example of rhythm and movement. The direction of the lines and the use of curved lines, help create this effect.
This artwork shows shape, value, and color. This is an example of proportion. The parts of his body are all balanced to create a realistic representative of his upper body.
Credits: All media
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