The meaning of life

This is Collection of very interesting pictures. They make you feel something that you just want to express. So... I hope you enjoy what you see. If you do not, I DO NOT CARE.My Gallery is filled with awesome but some scary pictures.But all in all. This is a gallery that speaks to ME. It mirrors me and what I think about certain things.So basically my gallery is soldiers, to creepy painting, to amazing street art this project, has helped me find out more about myself.

Picture 1: This is just a bust of an african woman. But i’m not really interested in that detail. Im interested in the in the color, the shape, the feeling in my gut when I see this picture. I feel kind of glad that i’m even alive because I see the picture as a time machine. And I can peek at the past and what people went through.
Picture 2: I sometimes feel like i'm just a giant sometimes and i can destroy anyone in my way. But I always miss my chancePicture 2: This is a painting of a moment from “The Odyssey” where the giant man is trying to throw a rock a the men on the boat. It looks very well painted and the color is great. But this makes me feel a few different things. Like i remember when i would ding dong ditch older people and would try to come and get me and seem like angry giants. But i also feel like I am the giant, and when people make fun of me and i try to get them back they escape or get the better of me. I feel like i'm throwing a figuratively large rock at my enemies and they figuratively escape me.
Picture 3: This is painting of just normal Harvesters doing there job. It’s filled with colors and just feels like whoever painted this had a positive attitude.It shows an older man walking in front of other women surroned an almost endless field of wheat. And there is a blue sky with little clouds.This shows that people had to work even harder then than now.
Picture 4:This painting represents war and what people had to endure. It shows 11 soldiers blindfolded walking in a straight single file line holding on to each other's shoulders. But as they are walking, other soldiers are on the ground looking wounded. And they also are blindfolded. I think this painting is trying to say that war is so terrible, and they don't even want to see there men in pain.
Picture 5:In this painting, an angel seems to speaking to a young child. I picked this picture because it has an angel in it. These types of painting always scare me for some reason, the angel part, just the style . It makes me feel like I’m always protected by God. Like he He is watching over me.
Picture 6: Now I really like this. The style is great and the color is on point. The picture has 4 women either in awe or being scared. However, the last girl seems to be kissing a guy and that part of the graffiti seems to have a theme of love. And the 3rd looks Mary-Jane from the early Spider Man comic years. Also, the 2nd looks like Gwen Stacey. This doesn't make me feel much but I really the art of it.
Picture 7: Ok, this picture, is just Super creepy and weird. It reminds me of a show called “American Horror Story:Coven” with witches and this painting is titled witches sabbath. And that half man half bull was also in the show.Just the location that they are at just looks dim and scary. This makes me feel a feeling i cannot explain.
Picture 8:Hmmm… This picture looks like it was taken in like a college. Because of the grass. The photo shows a giant Birdie in the middle of a field. This doesn't make me feel anything. I just it was a good picture, and worth talking about. The color is on point and so is angle.
Picture 9:This is just a simple picture a coat. But this coat looks like a coat that a Native American Chief would wear. Actually I think it is, this coat just lets me know some of the things they would wear. I feel like a coat can be symbolic, like if I put on that coat, I can block away all of the negative energy. To me a coat can be a way block or even protect.
Picture 10:This is another Native American piece of clothing. The Eagle Feather Headdress just so cool looking. It goes all the way down to knees. It just looks awesome, and I’m that type of person who is interested in ALL types of clothing. Except for girls clothes. This is another one that doesn't make me feel much but it is a good thing to write about.
Picture 11: Ok now this just look scary. The mood of the drawing or painting or whatever just feels dark. Like some Edgar Allen Poe stuff. There's fog, high mountains, and lots of dead trees. Maybe if it was in color it wouldn't look so scary. But as it stands it looks like a place that I can just go to. To escape everyone and meditate or something.
Picture 12: This a painting I think is very interesting. Because it shows three different races, all sitting together. And this painting was made in 1859! That is just cool. But I don't know the scenario of the painting, but it’s still good. This just makes me feel good. it reminds me of how far we've come. People say racism is over. It’s far from over. But this painting just reminds me that, were not all bad. And that there is still good in the world.
Picture 13:This is the Temple of Thought. I guess it was made for Beethoven or something, but i don’t care about that stuff. I care about how cool this looks.It reminds me of how i imagined the palace the people went to escape the Red Death in one of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems. It looks like a place I could on go to in a dream or something. This is another that doesn't open a third eye. I included this in my gallery because it looks a peaceful dreamy place I can only go to in my dreams.
Picture 14: This a picture of street art. Of a little man spray painting a city with a crazy look on his face. This is symbolism to me. It symbolises that no matter where you came from you do big things. Notice how I didn’t say Great Things? What i’m trying to say is to never judge a book by its cover. Take a look at the little taking a big city. People would have normally assumed that he’s no threat or he can’t or won’t change the world in anyway. For example Luke Skywalker in Star Wars a lot of people doubted him because he came from a planet with with nothing sand called Tatooine. My point is never judge any one because of where he or she came from, because you never know, they can be the next Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader.
Picture 15:This another street art picture of a weird looking Statue of Liberty. See how the arm is all messed up and squiggly? To me that represents that we are barely hanging on to Liberty. Like Lady Liberty’s arm is weakening. I don’t why that's what comes to mind everytime i see that street art. I just feel like there is actual meaning to that picture. Or it’s how the artist wanted it. But that's what i got out that picture.
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