Vast Perspective

This is the vast use of perspective in the world of art. This gallery show zero, one, two, and three point perspective in art. I choose perspective to show how perspective can affect where the view looks when viewing a painting.

The use of one point perspective is the reason I choose this piece of art. The perspective disappears into one point as you look down the alley.
This is painting is another great use of one point perspective as the vanishing point is put under the moon on the river.
I choose tis piece of art to show 1 point perspective as well as contrasting the painting before Moonlit Landscape with a View of the New Amstel River and Castle Kostverloren.
I choose this piece for its unique use of three point perspective from ants' view point as you look.
This painting uses the structure of the building to create the perspective lines. This painting takes you attention through all of the people because of this perspective.
With the use of this perspective the attention is brought to the two women walking along the long stretching beach.
In this piece with the use of perspective the artist is not showing any specific object, but gave the vast depth of this road.
I choose this painting for its use of two point perspective as the perspective brings the attention around the bonfire in the center.
This is the final painting and the use of single point perspective shows this vast beach that these men are working on. It shows how massive these boats really are when compared to the men standing next to them.
I used this painting because it is one of the few paintings i found with zero point perspective. This perspective has no single point but there seems to be a depth to the painting.
This is also another use of three point perspective from ants view. I choose this painting as the artist used the people as the linear lines.
This is another one of four paintings i used for the three point perspective in ants view.
This use of three point perspective does not make the point the focal point but makes the base of the painting where everybody looks.
As this painting use three point perspective it all as very much depth int the background when you look past the painting of Jesus.
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