Emotions: Variations on a tilting theme

In American Psycho, an American cult thriller, the main character says "I have all the characteristics of a human being: flesh, blood, skin, hair, but not a single clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust".  On the outside, he is seen to be a simple, wealthy man but behind closed doors he is a serial killer.  American Psycho is a representation of how you may look like a perfectly normal human but your actions and mindset are more primitive than that of animals.  We might see ourselves as superior to animals but many times their moral compasses surpass ours.  Are they human-like because they show a reasoning or is that not exclusive to mankind?  We are capable of showcasing a myriad of physiological changes in our lives called emotions.  It is these emotions that breathe life into our existences.  How else would we be able to express love, regret, and happiness all at once?  But what's not to say that a cat or an elephant could be experiencing the same greed, joy, and despair that we do?  Or even the artificial intelligence that we create to make our lives better?  It's been shown countless times in Hollywood films.  We've also got a pretty handy friend named Siri who is able to understand and talk with us.  As humans, we have the perk of a plethora of mediums in which to express ourselves, but history says that humans are not the only ones who are capable of the emotions that define us.

Love is the most simplistic but complex emotions because there is a myriad of ways that it is expressed. The love of a parent to their child is without restraints. It is a transcendent emotion.
Cat's Cradle challenges love with the concept of boko-maru. Mona wants polygamy that is seen as primitive or animalistic in our time. Birds like geese only mate once even when their partner dies.
Human happiness? Versus what other kind of happiness? The doll hints towards how human happiness can be empty and fake because we don't necessarily act for ourselves but for those around us.
Death causes us to grieve for the life that has been lost. Murphy's parents are frozen in their tracks, while in Cat's Cradle people are literally frozen to death. We live and live until we stop.
In Red Harvest, men are killed for the promise of money. Greed brings about poison to an entire city and the Op comes to set things straight. He gets pulled into the darkness and almost loses himself.
Jealousy tears apart Cain and Abel. It's an emotion that like greed can ruin people because they begin to resort to a more animalistic side to get what they want even if they don't need it.
Guilt can bring even the strongest of men to their knees. The coverup of Murphy's drives Sterling to suicide and Bartle to almost lose his mind. Dogs express their guilt through pitiful expressions.
Often times, we are warned not to raise wild animals but they are more human than we think. They are capable of memory and can show harmless affection for those that they trust.
War builds bonds between strangers but it also breaks minds. In The Yellow Birds, "Nothing made us special". These are men who have cast aside their emotions for a better chance at survival.
Jarvis is one of the most famous AI systems. He has a mind of his own that allows perfectly normal human interaction. He may not have a physical body but he has a physiological one.
Apple created Siri to show how far technology has advanced and endowed her with a rather pleasing personality. She has limitations but it's only a matter of time that she grows.
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