New Age abstract

A Walk Through Tomorrow

A robot has been graffiti'd onto a wall while reading a paper about math that is in binary code. He is sitting in a cloud of right angles, blocks and prisms. I love that about modern angles in the background.
Another graffiti piece, this is painted to look like a waterfall of colors surrounded by blocks and what looks like tetris. I picked this piece because of the right angles and style. I specifically picked this piece because the small black plus signs on the door.
This is a picture with many shapes, curved lines and angles. Colors are drifting and changing with what seems the wind. I like the fact it is graffiti and it seems to wrap around a corner as an illusion.
I like this piece because of all of the lines that mesh together to create an abstract face within all of the lines. This is a collage of folding lines with images entangled into the image. It hints with colors of green and yellow and mainly black.
I like this piece because of the triangles like another picture within my gallery. It is a piece of perception ripping through a worm hole that was ripped into the still canvas. It works with simplicity inside of ta complete piece.
I picked this piece on the repetitive look and feel and because there are Korean men handing hundred dollar bills to one another. I like the geometry that goes into this piece. It ties in well with the other art.
This piece grabbed me with the double eyes like in the other. The red, blue, and black tie in to itself very well. The face is something that has always intrigued me.
This picture describes new age art to me, which this piece of art is the way that I see it. The soft warm colors are separated and accented by black and white. The curved lines and geometry in this piece seal in my thought on the modern art.
This picture depicts the American Flag with a round figure that implies to me that the rest of the world can be our allies. The blue is the ocean, the stars are the countries and the strips represent equality is present.
This picture has geometrical abstraction where the rectangle appears to be a door that may lead to something or somewhere. The small bulb that reflects the angles of the room. The absence of light opened my mind to only see beyond the darkness.
Credits: All media
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