Killer Color Combos

How colors make you see what they want you to.

The white smoke coming from the industrial area looks as if its pushing away and contaminating the beautiful sky yet the green farm area pulls your eyes back to the bottom while at the same time the yellow mixed in with the smoke completes the flow of things.
In this piece they used warm and cold colors to make a almost 3D effect i think they nailed it!
The Different shades of blue in this piece, to me show that you can combine and create contrast with adding a bit of white or black to the same color.
There are so many little details in this piece that could easily be lost if one didn't plan where the colors would be placed, or what color combos look good next to eachother.
In Edvard Munch's The Scream he really played around with all the different saturations of color to bring this piece to life.
The realism in this piece is amazing the combinations of greens, whites, and blues really shows the layers of the place.
These choice of colors are very bold and eye catching an make you want to look at every inch of this painting coincidence? I think not.
Having that soft yellow glow coming from behind the dark rock and tress really adds depth to this piece it might even make you want to go explore to see the brighter side of things.
The way Vincent van Gogh combines the light to dark color saturations on this piece can shows things like the placement of an object like the tree it closer then the moon.
I think that this artist used darker colors around the main people and two very bright colors on the girls that pop to grab the attention of the viewer.
Having a dark green forest surrounding and then this very bright lime green color in the center of the piece really grabs the eye an makes you want to look at the main root of the painting.
For this piece they used very soft colors and made it look like it had an almost blurry effect yet they also used very bold black lines to show the main focuses of the piece.
The blue skies and green green grass circle in and bring your attention to the tan bald area where people are sitting upon.
The hard black outline of this piece really shows the design of each shape very well and the colors look almost blended when u step back from it.
The blue and tan colors in this piece meet in the middle of the painting and then your attention gets put on the center where their is a dark trench of some sort with a two men standing in it.
Credits: All media
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