Jackie's Gallery

This is my gallery; I have filled it with many different works of art that I love.

I like this painting because of the mood. The five women in the back round give a free and calm feeling to the painting. As if they didn't have a care in the world. I also love how the colors don't create a clear picture but rather a dreamy one. I also love the dresses and scenery.
I found this painting to be very interesting because the scenery is real yet so magical. There are so many different scenes in this painting, a forest, waterfall, mountains, and animals. It feels so real that I can almost here the water in the distant, this painting feels more like a photo then anything.
I chose this painting because it reminds me of Georges Seurat paintings. lot of impressionists use this type of style, using dots to form a picture. I also love this scenery because it reminds me of my summers in Sweden . The amount of detail in the painting and the shades of green in the trees add to the beauty of the painting.
I love this painting because of the scenery. I love how the rocks aren't just one color but various ones and make them feel extremely real. The women 's shadow and the light colors give off a warm sense to the painting as if you could feel the heat of the summer day. I think this is my most favorite painting out of all the ones I have in my collection so far.
I find this painting interesting because the painter painted this in the perspective of the audience. It feels as if your watching the show with the rest of the people. The ballerinas also seem very light and dreamy because of the mix of colors and the softness of the brush strokes. I also noticed that painter painted a mix of colors in the back round of the ballerinas.
I chose this painting because it is one of my favorites. I even had this as my screensaver once. I love the colors, it gives a warm summer feel. I also love how the dots blend into different colors. I think the dot idea is interesting because it creates a different blend of colors that a brush stroke can't do.
I love this painting because it reminds me of my childhood and I love the colors as well as the nature. I also choose this painting for my collection because the lights are so detailed that its hard to notice they are just part of painting. I feel as though they wil float out of the painting and light ** the night! I consider this painting to beone of my favorites and wish I was there with the two little girls. What also gives mystery to the painting is that you don't know exactly where they are, at home alone, or deep in a forest. Or even why they are holding the lights.
This painting is so alive it feels like I'm with them. I can almost here the chatter, the laughs, and the clinking of glasses. This painting is fun and it makes me happy. I also love how he took the time to paint everyone and the lighting very well. I find paintings like these much better then the ones that are more realistic.
Vincent van Gogh's painting are so beautiful. I love the colors that he uses, and the way he paints with each stroke. I realized that the strokes are as important as the colors. If he colored in the water with no specific way of doing it it would look completely different and not as beautiful. The stars are glowing as well which makes them even more prettier.
I had this as my screensaver once after "The Sunday Afternoon" painting. I love the flowers and the cloudy sky. I think the child on the right is picking flowers. This painting reminds me of sweden when we rented a house in the country. The house in the distant looks exactly the same. It gives me great memories and I love the blend of colors in the trees.
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