Kidd Gallery Walk

This reminds me of science too much so i would never have gotten it by choice.
This is probably my favorite piece of artwork ever.
All of Monet's waterlilies are really pretty. I went to his museum in Paris.
Naked statues don't really appeal to me but The Thinker is really famous so i chose it anyway.
I really like this kind of japanese-style painting.
This is super cool and reminds me of the moon on Tahoe sometimes.
The colors of this painting make me happy.
I hope all those unfortunate sailers drown! Bwahahahaha!!!
I like pictures that have trees.
WATER LILIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's like a billion little dots.
This picture is downright creepy. How would you feel if you woke up in the middle of the night with this standing over you?
This painting is also creepy, but I'm not scared of seeing it in the middle of the night because it's dead.
There sure are a lot of tiger paintings in Bejing, but this was my favorite. There were also a lot of portraits and pictures of horses.
You have no idea how graphic the gallery I got this from was. So many naked statues.
I really have no idea how this twisted piece of junk is called a necklace.
Hello Jesus! I don't really know why I like this picture but I do
This is, as you can see, a scary black prostitute who is crying.
This picture is made up of thousands of little dots.
God needs to stop taking credit for everything! It's just a storm!
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