Renaissance and Dark age paintings

       Alexis Brancato

Venus with a Mirror is a Renaissance painting by Titian. The pose of Venus resembles classic statues of Venus in Florence, Italy at the time. The painting celebrates the idea of women and beauty.
Adam and Eve is a Renaissance painting by Albrecht Durer. The painting symbolizes the ideal of human figure. He was influenced by Italian art. This was the first nude subjects in German painting.
The Birth of Venus is a Renaissance painting by Sandra Botticelli. It has been rumored that she was hired by the wealthy Medici family to paint this for them. This painting shows the concept of women and beauty.
The Holy Family is a Renaissance painting by Andrea Mantegna. The Holy Family consists of the nude child Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph.She painted it for the Gonzaga family.
The Italian Comedies is a Renaissance painting by Antoine Watteau. Popular comedians stand on stage perhaps during a curtain call. Watteau focused on facial expressions and intentions were to evoke certain emotions.
Man with a White Beard or also known as Tintoretto is a Dark Age painting. His coat almost seems to disappear into the background with the dark colors the artist used. Tintoretto gave the man strong individuality and spiritual beauty.
Madonna with Child is a Dark Age painting by Simone Martini. Martini painted the Madonna with sweet but sad eyes, while her cloak envelopes and shapes towards her body. She used light colors on the Madonnas face as well.
The Virgin and Child in Glory was a Dark Age painting by Bartolome Murillo. Murillo was the most important religious painter at the time in Spain. He was commissioned by Ambrosio Ignacio to paint this art piece for his private chapel.
The Entombment of Mary was a Dark Age painting by Giotto di Bondone. Giotto work always dealt with religious subjects. He wasnt much of a painter, but rather a sculptor and architecht.
The Adortion of the Magi is a Renaissance painting by Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo. The round shape of the painting is the first examples of a tondo painting, or circular shape. Eventually in the 1400s this type of painting became popular for religious paintings
The Mona Lisa is a Renaissance painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci painted a portrait of Giocondos wife. This painting is now know worldwide and is the most famous painting in the world.
The Last Supper is a Renaissance painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. The painting depicts Jesus' last meal before he was captured and crucified. Da Vinci wanted to capture the exact moment when Jesus reveals that a friend has betrayed him.
Mars and Venus is a Renaissance painting by Louis Lagrenee. In this painting Mars gazes at the beauty of Venus, the goddess of love. IN his helmet a nest of 2 doves start to form, symbolizing peace.
The Small Cowper Madonna is a Renaissance painting by Raphael. The painting depicts Mary and a child in a typical italian countryside. Spectators believe this was painted by private commission.
The Madonna of the Candelabra is a Renaissance painting by Raphael. This painting was tondo style, which was popular during this time period. Raphael was known for his graceful style.
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