Landscapes through Impressionism

Texture in Nature

Water Lilies in real life are like a bright start. They tend to stand out like bright light against a water canvas. Monet uses bright colors and sharp colors to go give the impression of water lilies.
Cliffs are known to be rugged and in the pick money uses the contrast between dark and light colors to show the depth of the rock formation in the cliff. The tapering of the grass shows the height.
TO capture the long smooth textures to the trees Monet uses long smooth strokes. The colors alternating gray between and brown illustrate the areas of the tree were missing bark.
Although fog and clouds light soft in textures it gives a feeling of heaviness at the same time. Monet uses gray to imply heaviness but spreads the strokes across the height of the canvas for softness
Spring is thought of a soft and warm plushness. The grass in this field is long and bundled in pillow like groups to give the soft plush texture to the grass of the field in spring.
In this painting Monet captures the choppiness of the sea by painting triangular shapes on the surface of the ocean to illustrate the roughness of the waves.
To capture the feather-like textures of the leaves between the bamboo trees and the ferns Monet used less defined stokes to give the impression of leaves on the plants.
In the wind effect, Monet captures the silky ribbon like texture of the long blades of grass and branches/leaves of the trees.
Poppy fields have a fluffy texture to them when looking at them. to capture this Monet uses floating colors on top of the grass and giving the a translucent appearance by placing people in the field.
Monet illustrates ice breaking on the lake by making the ice looks like a frosty crust breaking apart. The smaller pieces with water between furthers the contrast the hard ice and resting soft water.
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