Art Element: Lines

The horizontal implied lines created by the hills, reeds, and beach in the foreground give this piece a more peaceful feel to it.
Both the implied lines created by her dress pointing upward towards her face and the lines of the screen behind her make this woman seem more elegant and regal.
The plethora of vertical lines found in this painting of the Tower of Babel shows strength and power.
This piece uses lines (outlines and implied lines) to point downward, giving it a more somber tone.
This painting includes many implied directional lines, which includes the angles of the bodies, the staff, and the wing of the swan above their heads.
This painting has several implied lines, including the edge of the green cliff and the sand dune to the left of it.
The different directions of the lines on this design for a cape is strongly directional, keeping your eye focused on the center of the piece.
This snail has a very heavy outline, accentuating it's shape, which makes it pop out towards the audience.
This carving, or relief, is created solely by lines in varying angles, both straight and curved creating a dynamic piece.
This piece contains several straight lines created by multiple elements ranging from the window panes to the overhanging structure on the left side.
Credits: All media
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