The Power oF Red

The color red in artwork gives off various emotions, and can also direct the viewer's eyes to where ever the artist wants.

In this painting the color of red is used to symbolize passion. It is vaguely draped over Adonis, just barely.
In this painting, the color of red is dominate over all aspects. It is crystal clear on what the artist wants you to see.
Even though this painting is of just a chair, the color red makes the chair seem more important, or even regal in appearance.
A rather boring painting of a man reading, but the color of red on the young girl's dress makes this painting intriguing.
The color of red is almost flowing downward towards the woman that is in distress. The color also makes this painting more dramatic.
This traditional perspective painting helps draw the viewer to the baby sitting on the woman's lap. This is made possible by the use of the color of red.
This painting has contrast as far as man and woman. But was is also prominent, is the contrast in colors; specifically red and black and even the man holding a red book.
In this abstract painting, the red caboose is front and center.
There is an actual red hue color to this painting. It gives the feeling of something important and raging happening.
In this simple piece, the color of red directs the viewer towards the green square.
The warm colors of this bottle are predominately red. The red is purposely put at the top of the bottle to entice the viewer.
In this self portrait painting, the color red directs the viewer towards the lips or the woman's face.
In this painting, the color of red is used for the female hair. The color also invokes a sense of conflict.
In this baroque style painting, the color of red is used as a backdrop to invoke passion. It helps to make the dark figures pop.
In this painting, the red buildings actually lead the viewer down the road to the focal point in the middle.
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