It aint easy being green

Art focusing in on the color green.

I chose this piece because I like the texture and color the artist chose.
This piece looks similar to the previous one and I like the style of it.
I love the brush strokes in this picture. It shows the shape of the face.
I like how there is green on the moon. It shows that maybe one day we'll be able to have oxygen and live on the moon.
This piece stood out to me because everything looks like it is made out of tubes.
I chose this one because I just love this scene. It's very peaceful and pretty.
I really like this style of work. It makes me want some take out.
I like how her dress looks like its made out of velvet. She almost looks like a real person that was taken from a picture.
I really like how eroded these tiles are. What made this picture stand out to me was how one tile seemed to be a different shade of green.
I enjoy the simplicity of this painting. It is still able to capture a moment without putting a lot of detail in it.
This one looks like it was made from sharpie and again I sometimes enjoy simple pieces of art.
What I like about this one is that the more you look at it the more it seams to become an illusion.
This piece is just eye catching. The details are there by showing a bunch of random things that you might not notice at first glance.
What I like about this one is that the shapes can be taken in many different ways. So it makes everyone feel differently.
This art piece is interesting because the color seems to be focused in on the background instead of the characters on the canvas.
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