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Ashley-1 of 2 I like most! A great illustration showing that the fats from food can be saved to use to make explosives during the War! Absolutely nothing is being wasted! To help produce the glycerin needed by the military, housewives would collect kitchen waste fats! Kristina here-this is also a good one, the other one I commented on including this one should definitely be included in the gallery, in my opinion
Ashley-1 of the 2 I like most! Great illustration of an empty plate showing that food should not be wasted, food was extremely limited during the War. Rationing was very important! Its Kristina, I'm not sure how to post comments so I'll add them to here. I feel like this is a really good one to add! Alex- I definitely like this one the best. It shows what little they had (if any) was still very scarce. I like how the plate shows the importance of it.
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