The Results of a Troublemaker

This exhibition showcases paintings of many artists who were inspired in the early 1600's. These artists come from many countries around the world and got to learn from one of the most influential painters at the time, Caravaggio. Caravaggio had such a strong following back in days when he was alive and even more so when he died back in 1610. This following was officially titled the "Caravaggisti".

Hendrick ter Brugghen was a Dutch painter who studied the works of Caravaggio. This painting showcases a technique called chiaroscuro, contrasts of light and dark, one of Caravaggio's specialties.
This painting by ter Brugghen was inspired by another painter influenced by Caravaggio, Bartolomeo Manfredi. Manfredi was an Italian painter who came up with the idea of painting low-life individuals.
Theodoor Rombouts was a Flemish painter influenced by Caravaggio. Rombouts used chiaroscuro to emphasize the upcoming violence that is about to take place during the fun game of cards and backgammon.
Georges de La Tour was a French Baroque painter who was inspired by Caravaggio. This painting uses chiaroscuro and naturalism to emphasize a fight taking place on the streets between two musicians.
Jusepe de Ribera was a Spanish painter who was influenced by some of Caravaggio's more violent works of art. He would emphasize death, and now he is showcasing Saint Andrew dying to become a martyr.
Giovanni Battista Caracciolo was an Italian painter inspired by Caravaggio. In this painting, he is showing Christ as a man who is scared to die. Caravaggio would depict this in a lot of his works.
Giovanni Baglione was an Italian Baroque painter who was inspired by Caravaggio. This painting was incredibly similar to one of Caravaggio's and actually sparked a rivalry between the two artists.
Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish painter who was very famous but was also inspired by Caravaggio. He created his own version of Caravaggio's Entombment to showcase the moment between life and death.
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