Itching for Etching

The different styles and emotions with the use of etching.

I chose this piece because of the clean lines and use of color. I like how the rat is surreal in the sense that her nipples look like thorns and her nails are painted green.
I like the abstract feel of this piece. The use of negative and positive space makes your eyes flow around the page and land of the man at the bottom of the image.
I included this artwork piece because I found it amazing that so much detail could be put into a piece through etching.The time it took to create this beautiful picture must have been extensive. I wanted to show the different styles that are produced through etching and this one really stands out to me.
I have always been a big fan of skeletons and skulls, so this piece is one of my favorites. The detail and rigid look to the skeleton against the serene and soft watery background is so vastly different it makes the skeleton look beautiful.
I chose this piece because the line work in the leaves and the monster's hair are amazing. They are so clean and definitive. Also, the lighting on the monster and the person make them stand out from the background.
I wanted to show the architectural work with etching and this is one of the pieces that really shows that. The arches and fountain have great foundations. Also, the deer creature and ladies look so natural and anatomically correct.
This etching is interesting because of how the artist exaggerated the ears of the man. The artist also added a creature to the man's head representing criticism. This piece shows how criticism can be harsh and dark and I really like how it is executed.
Although this piece is flat and 2-dimensional, there is so much detail in the dragon and koi fish that bring this piece to life. Even the background is detailed in such a way it looks like smoke or fog.
In this piece, there is color which is one of the reasons I chose it. I also chose it because it is a frame around text showing the important part of the scene. The shading and detail in the people and animals are natural which is also a reason I chose it.
I chose this dark piece because of how simple it is. I love the surreal look it has with the people using mechanism that resemble wings to fly. The piece shows movement even though there are just different angles.
I am a huge animal lover and I chose this piece because of it. The fur etched in these make the animals look real and natural. The rabbit looks extremely fluffy because of the lines the artist etched. The pillar in the background is really clean and in great perspective.
The movement and flow in the piece bring you all over the place. Your eye can keep moving and the people in the center are still the main attraction. I love the shading on the petals.
I had to chose this piece because of how silly it is. I love the chairs on their heads. Much like the other pieces the line work and shading are incredible. It's not detailed or in depth as some other pieces I chose, but it is fun.
This piece is another example of etched architecture. The lines are perfect and the perspective is flawless. I like the style this was etched in. It gives it a graphic novel look.
I absolutely love the line work and detail in the trees. They look like they are dancing and have so much emotion. Also, the man being darker in the bottom of the piece causes the viewer to look at him, like he is important and crucial to the story the artist is trying to tell.
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