World With Color By thomas russo

My theme is about all the colors in the world and how they can affect the way we look at things, as well show you how color can affect us emotionally and psychologically, it can make us optimistic and sometimes it can make one depressed and want to hide away.

In this piece has a lot of use of the color yellow, red, and blue. It puts puts a lot of emphasis on the the face making the cheek rose red and makes the eyes clear and sparkly.
The colors in this peace uses blues and oranges perfectly to represent a sorrow moment between mother and son as Mary just seen her son Jesus suffer on the cross.
This piece really takes color to a advantage by going all out with all different colors and shapes making this piece very unique and makes it feel as some type of hallucination.
This piece comes from a realistic approach and shows the true beauty of a sunrise by using a bright orange against a dark shade of green and making it as if your actually there.
This piece uses dark gray, blues, green to give you a depressed mood showing how a cloudy day can affect your emotion and at the same time relax your mind.
This piece uses whites and a shade of yellow to emphasize the nature of a snowy day. It uses a lot of perspective as your over the hunters shoulder looking out into the land seeing any nearby prey.
This piece of art puts a lot of emphasis on the plants of grass as if you are a farmer looking at your crops, and you can see in the background a huge mountain.
This piece uses dark browns and whites even the people in the painting to show us the terror that happen at the station, and shows us how people are just trying to get away from the fire at once.
This piece uses the simple gray and black colors to give people an eerie atmosphere. the lines the artist used in this painting make the skeleton look so real as if your looking through a window.
This piece use the colors brown, yellow, and orange to one the feeling of fall the shapes help make the leaves little more realistic as if your walking through the forest during October.
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