Embedded Scars

Embedded Scars is the pain that has become a part of every being. This gallery will show examples of the different forms of scars; such as mental, physical, and emotional scars that will never leave a person but that doesn't have to stop them. "My scars tell a story. They are a reminder of times when life tried to break me, but failed. They are markings of where the structure of my character was welded". - Steve Maraboli

This girl has physical scars that have given her the mental image that her arm is one of a monster. You can see in the girls face the pain she has been through, how it has left her in such an empty emotional state. Through the use of a ball point pin the artist showed the sharp detail in the girl’s arm while giving her features a hazier look.
She is being haunted by her past leaving her to not even recognize her own face. The emotional scaring of what she has been through has left her in this state of wandering. In the girls posture it seems as if she is about to take a step while a ghostly figure trails behind and at their feet lay bodies.
The tallest girl on the left has a malformed mouth giving the impression that maybe she is haunted by something she has said. Those words that she carelessly spouted will leave her eternally uncertain. The other girl seems to be fading into the back ground as if she doesn’t want to have anything to do with this place or it’s people. Leaving her to be no faced to us the audience. This painting has small additions of red added in giving the painting a deadlier look that describes that something dreadful has happened.
The painting shows how the girl has embraced her scars standing strong with no fear. The colors are dramatic and express her strength while the details in her arm and face are clear. There is no longer any doubt in this girl.
Life in every form can have scaring. From where we are sitting we may not see it but there is always another side to every story. This piece of mixed media explains that we usually don’t think any further when we think of rocks or leaves but every thing has traveled a different path leaving their mark on life.
The deep grooves simulate scars while the coloring of the statue reminds me of bruises. The mans face seems puffy and swollen and looks as if he has been beaten. This sculpture depicts pain and scaring that the African people have experienced.
These people look like examples from a village or culture. There is no detail in the people them selves only dark shadows. Only their clothes give any specifics about the group. I see that these people are the outcast from there civilization. That they are not allowed to be recorded in history because they have soiled the integrity of the village. This photo will be the closest they get to leaving their mark.
The hand from the victorious may not be the prettiest thing but it holds great meaning. The audience can tell that these people have been through so much from the dramatic color of the blood to the deep gashes of the scars. With the missing pinky it shows that things have been lost but it will not keep this hand down.
This sculpture can be seen in two ways; at face value that what you see is a man who has scars on the side of his face that have caused him this great pain. Or that the right side is what one sees on the outside and that the left shows what the man is feeling inside. The texture of the piece gives even more history to the story with it’s rough edges and chipped exterior.
A creature’s bones can give the history of their entire life. From the little cracks here and the fractures there. For us human’s our most unique bone is our skull. It holds our traits and scars that we have gained through our life time and will be the last piece of us we leave to mark where we have been. This drawing has great detail of the little cracks on the skull from different angles, it shows what makes this skull unique.
Credits: All media
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