Peaceful Blue

This gallery is full of paintings that have a blue color theme and that are also peaceful to look at or give off a peaceful vibe.

This painting because it brings a feeling of peace to me. It reminds me of back home.
Although the shapes are rough, the choice of blue make it very peaceful.
This reminds me of my childhood, of going to the lake and seeing frogs jumping on the lily pads.
I chose this painting because it really catches the eye with the fast brush strokes.
This painting is kind of gloomy but also reminds me of an early morning with the fog.
This painting makes me think of the beach.
This painting reminds me of Puerto Rico, the water just gives you a very relaxed vibe.
This old woman just really seems like she is at peace .
This lady seems like she is very carefree just laying out on the beach.
This seems like a dream to me, the shade of blue is just beautiful.
I believe this is a boat out in the water on a early morning and that is something that is very peaceful.
This is just a beautiful landscape.
This painting reminds me of a rubix cube which again reminds me of my childhood.
This woman seems very relaxed in this room.
This picture is full of many things that are peaceful such as butterflies and flowers.
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