"Every age projects its own images in the arts." The Baroque art period was a time that followed the Renaissance, and an era of artistic uniqueness. Theuse of straight lines was brought to a minimum, and animation was used to create an almost living atmoshpere. Baroque artists were also known for making their colors the darkest of the dark, and the lightest of the light. The artists Rembrandt, and Rybens contributed greatly to this era. 

Caravaggio illustrates the Baroque time period's concept of creating paintings with the darkest darks, and lightest lights. In addition, realism is portrayed with the accuracy of anatomy.
Caravaggio gives us a deeper understanding of the animation that is present in Baroque art. In this piece, there is no definite plane, and it seems as if the subjects are almost moving.
Again, Caravaggio never ceases to amaze with his drastic contrast between light and dark. The animation in this painting also gives an almost living appearance to the subjects, another one of Caravaggio's key tactics.
In "The Art of Painting," Vermeer uses many techniques that are unique to the Baroque period. For example, many different overlappings are used between objects, and there is no definite plane.
Vermeer shows the classic Baroque technique of using the darkest of darks, and the lightest of lights. The contrast between colors is so defeaning, that this painting should be revered as greatly done.
In this painting, it is hard to define where it begins and ends, as there is no definitive plane. The shadowing is well advanced, and shows the great talent that Vermeer possessed as an artist.
One of the most realistic paintings of its time, "The Little Street" should be seen as a masterpiece. The realism in this painting is remarkabe, and the detail is intruiging, and leaves us wondering how Vermeer could have made such a work.
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