monumental scale of a sliced images wrench
children seem proportionately tiny compared to the massive doorway they are climbing on - brings attention to exactly how small they are
prisoner's hands are the largest pieces of the entire piece, perhaps suggesting the greatest amount of power in getting arrested and gaining freedom?
Use of strong pillars of proportional ratios
Faces of the people are very large in proportion to the rest of their bodies; the piece is named "Modern People"; perhaps this is a reflection of society's obsession with being thin, yet so unhappy?
eyes are massive in proportion to the rest of the piece - the eyes' great importance may be the "evil eye" to ward off evil or another reason to bring attention to the eye
Use of hierarchical scale to highlight the importance of several characters; namely Jesus in the top middle of the left piece at his throne
series of tables arrayed in an increasingly monumental scale
proportion of animals to humans in the piece accent the artists' view of the importance of animals in God's creation
extremely tiny glass models of everyday items commonplace for a masquerade party - denoting the silliness of such things?
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