Pakistan and nepal culture 

I really this this picture, it's of a women working a radio panel. It's the radio Pakistan. This was a big deal for women because they were aloud to work outside the home.
This is the beautiful lit General View of labor Museum. It is very beautiful and elegant. This shows the more modern buildings.
This a beautiful piece of art work. The Rato Macchendranath temple. Held in the Rubin Museum of art. It also shows some older culture.
I like this picture because it shows the original buildings/ architect in the back ground. The building has character to it.
This picture is of a statue praying. The caption is Pray for Nepal.
I love this piece. It's the Mosques in Pakistan. I really like things like this. I really enjoy looking at all the little details the artiest took to make it look like that.
This is Mohatta Palace Museum facade. I like the way this was built. it has such beauty to it.
This is a weird piece of art. IT's the stone relief of Umamaheshvara. IT's been known that the Hindu god Shiva relaxes in this mountain home, with consort parvati, reclining next to him
The un-humoed bull. Terraccotta bull figurines are commonly found at the large urban centres abd small settlements of the Harappan culture.
In 2015 a 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal. Many buildings/ home were destroyed. Rebuilding has been going on for months. Sometimes it can seem thankless, but we all must soldiers on.
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