The Civil Rights Movement in the United States and the Nonviolence Method

The success of the African American Civil Rights Movement in the US of the mid-twentieth century lies mostly in the implementation of the nonviolent techniques. It can be generally divided into three categories, protest and persuasion, noncooperation and nonviolent intervention. 

The monochromatic painting on unstretched canvas depicts a black angel standing at the center of a living room and facing outward. Solemnly, the figure draws closed a glittery, silver curtain, symbolically concluding a decade of peaceful civil disobedience, courageous marches, visionary speeches, righteous legislation, explosive riots and tragic deaths.
Protestors picketing in Sheraton Hotel by engaging in sit-in in a non violent spirit.
The protestors being violently removed from the picketing in Sheraton Hotel.
Some other examples of non violent protest methods included sit-ins...
crowd rallies
peaceful protest marches
and street protests.
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