Scars of America

America was born with many great and wonderful ideals. However, those ideals were soon pushed aside, as a personal American Dream took root in the hearts of its people. Freedom, property, and power blinded early Americans and they became the people they were fighting against. It would take a lot of work to rid this land of its prejudices and with time these wounds would begin to heal and memory would remind us that we must find a new dream for our nation to pursue.

Blakelock depicts a small Indian encampment back lit with golden beauty. This small encampment reminds one of the loss of an entire nation that was lost during the Trail of Tears 55 years earlier. This painting can be considered the start of the twilight of a once powerful nation on this continent.
Durand's painting "The Indian's Vespers" encompasses the savage beauty of both the American Natives and the beautiful landscape, which is still going extinct today.
Powers statue "The Greek Slave" had many mixed reviews, when he presented this art piece after the Civil War. Many were outraged that it was a pure white woman being sold into slavery. Most of these people, who objected against this piece, were white males who owned slaves. They were fine with enslaving black men and women, but were offended by a white woman being sold.
Homer liked to paint pictures of the life of former slaves and many depict them in the same situations they were in before the Civil War. It would take a while before these former slaves would be able to pick themselves up again and build new futures.
The Civil War was one of the biggest blemishes in American History. Brother fought against brother in this war that split a country in half. Slavery was one of many reasons for this contention. By the end of the war, 750,000 soldiers would lay down their lives for their case.
Victory was believed to be on the side of the South, but they would ultimately lose the war and suffer the most casualties. Even though this war ended slavery, it would be decades before African Americans would be given rights in the South.
"The American Dream" promised wealth, property, and power with hard, honest work. Yet most Americans would spends their lives working hard and never getting anything more than what they need. Some were satisfied with this life, but others pushed their children to fulfill the dream they could not accomplish. Homer's picture idealizes the ideals of work, but it wasn't smooth sailing for most Americans.
Whistler painted most of his paintings in Europe, but his depictions can fit in any major city in the world. This painting can almost be seen through the eyes of the millions of foreigners who came to America expecting a better life. Yet many never made it out of the tenements of New York. They saw the poverty and loneliness of this country and died wanting the freedom, wealth, and property that they had dreamed of in their homelands.
As white males dominated America, women were still treated as either angels of the home or harlots of the street.
No rights were considered for women and their daughters had only their mother's lives to look forward to.
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