Social commentary

All of this artwork demonstrates social commentary on oppression by a greater power and elements like satire, magic realism, and allegory.

This artwork is a social commentary on the Black Plague and how it affected the people of Vienna very negatively.
This photo is a commentary on how much these villagers were oppressed by demonstrating how much they worked for little payoff.
This photo is a commentary on the lavish lives that kings and absolute monarchs lived during the time period of monarchies.
This photo demonstrates how freely kings spent the hard earned money that they got from the peasants on there personal gain. They spent this money on large castles, a lot of food, etc.
This photo shows magical realism on how large these castles truly are.
This photo demonstrates allegory by serving a literal purpose as well as a major symbolic purpose with the angels falling from the sky.
This photo shows magical realism by dramatically overexagerating this situation by using fictional elements mixed in with unrealistic ones.
This artwork demonstrates magical realism by using both realistic and magical elements in one artwork.
This photo is social commentary on the terrifying last days of Pompeii. The artwork successfully reflects this somber tone by using dark colors and showing the terrified looks upon the peoples faces as they watch their beloved city be torn to ash.
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