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Observing Roberto Matta painting I see that he put in a negative and positive shapes like at the bottom it doesn't show the whole painting.
Observing Roberto Matta painting he had rectilinear shapes and he had them in the cars he painted all of the cars has rectangler tops.
By looking at Roberto Matta painting I see that he put non objective things like in his painting he has people from like the 1600s.
I see that Peter Saul had organic shapes and I say that because its like lively animals but they have shapes on their shells and other things.
I see that JonOne painting had abstract and it was because of how he has like graffiti writing in (Lines)
Observing Kim,Seong Ryong painting I see that in his painting he has high definition and for high definition it shows his character whole body. And I say it and its cause it has crisp edges around the man in the forest.
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