Elements and Principles of Design  

Sheila Anastacio

Line - Various horizontal and vertical lines make the door and doorway.
Line - The lines on the train tracks draws our attention to the train.
Shape - The artist positioned the people so that they would fit into that half circle shape.
Shape - The people are standing in a circle.
Form - The artist painted the picture to make it seem like light was shining on the fountain and look 3-dimensional.
Form - The way the light is shining on the sculpture makes it pop out and look 3-dimensional.
Space - The man is the smallest part of the painting and he is surrounded by big areas of the ocean and sky.
Space - The diving board is brought to attention with the snow and trees surrounding it.
Color - The artist uses many different shades of green and other vibrant colors to draw attention.
Color - The photographer used minimal color to draw focus and attention to one specific part of the photo
Texture - The way the artist painted this picture makes it look and seem like you can feel the water.
Texture - You can sense the sharpness of the prickles on the cactus.
Value - This painting is low key and has high contrast.
Value - The darkness of the trees and buildings make this picture low key and have high contrast.
Movement - You can see that the people are walking in the streets.
Emphasis - The photographer used lighting to black out the face of the man in the front and bring attention to the expression the man in the back is making.
Pattern - The blocks are repeated over and over again.
Balance - The photographer took this photo at an angle that made this hallway look symmetrical.
Unity - The scene in this photo is very still and has nothing occurring in it.
Variety - There are many different men in different outfits doing different poses.
Proportion - The plane is very small in comparison to the sky.
Credits: All media
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