Open Minds

An Artistic Expression of a Peaceful Mind

Love is the root of happiness. Loving those around you is an important step in achieving.
The birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as of Jesus Christ himself.
Made out of sliced metal, this image represents perhaps the most influential figure in the Christian world.
Present-day society has much to say about Islam... Intricately carved marble was used in the creation of this stand for the Holy book of the Muslim people, the Quran.
This Rabbi exudes nothing but positivity and happiness- you, as the viewer, should try to take on these qualities! give him TWO thumbs up!
In a world where imagination runs free, the mind can think of some pretty interesting stuff. Take the fish for example- it probably just wants the sky to produce water, not top hats!
Rainbows are typically associated with LGBTQ- take a closer look at the lovely drawing on the wall. There is a loving duo of mothers with their daughter.
Lately, there has been much conflict with Marriage laws and legalization of homosexual marriages- This "Peace Rabbit" is here to remind us to "Love thy neighbor," and keep an open mind.
Buddha manages to stay mindful, happy, and loving 100% of the time. He is here, in a beautiful gold statue-form, to remind us that it is possible to be that way, all the time. NOTHING but love
Credits: All media
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