THE GREATNESS OF NATURE                by jahaziel 

I have always long been fascinated by nature and that’s why I chose to create this gallery. Each artist represented in this space has a perfect understanding of the beauty of nature and its relationship with man. You will see how the colors mix creating a gorgeous composition.

Caspar Friedrich is one of my favorite painters and this piece is an excellent example of his mastery with colors. He makes us believe there is a moon shining in the heavens although we can’t see it.
Mr. Turner reminds us the power of nature and how we as humans can’t control it. He is able to convey that feeling by giving us this amazing piece.
The sun coming down from the mountains highlights the magic of this landscape. Also the blue river in the back creates more depth; the two people standing at the edge of the rock are a good point of reference.
When you see the painting you can feel the movement of the waves crashing over the rocks. Not only the waves are in motion, but the birds and clouds too; this makes the painting more dynamic.
The boat representing the creation of man is overshadowed by the beauty of the Northern Lights. The lights reflects off the frozen ocean and mountains.
The combination of blues and greens mark the difference between the waters and the ice; the textures are pretty rigid on the ice. Again we can see the power of nature overcoming man.
The fog behind the mountains gives this painting a feeling of mystery. The waters are calm and reflects the mountains with perfect detail. The waterfall is the opposite side of that peaceful feeling.
The golden hour bahts over the clouds, trees and rocks. The colors selected by Mr.Bierdsadt increases the epicnes of the moment.
Loneliness stands out in this piece. A man standing in front of the vast ocean that kisses the sky at the end of the world. The greatness of nature talks through this canvas.
The mountains in the back starts vanishing under the touch of blue darkness. The flat sky highlights the two tiny standing in the middle of the lands.
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