Nonsensical Compositions

Pieces that portray surrealism or otherwise normal art with objects replaced to create something more nonsensical, the compositions seemingly random and do not make much sense.

This piece shows a statue sitting across a very similar structure to it, only a different shade of color as well as made from what seems like buildings.
A mountain attempting to become a rooster; or a rooster attempting to become a mountain. Nonsensical indeed.
Books fly across a peaceful, traditional scene with a lake, embodying the title of the piece completely.
The windmill blades have become cards with body parts--perhaps implying that it is all seeing?
A sculpture of a woman and her baby made of scraps and junk.
A headless woman on a couch floats over two men and a flower field, the flames sprouting from her neck. Seems to be in junction with the piece "13 Attempts to Become a Rooster-12."
The bird breaks free from the cage of the statue man's chest. A "scream" longing for freedom.
A man looking for a future in the moon.
Golden flowers sprout from the funnels on a rather empty looking field.
Two statues almost resembling Atlas meet on the summit of a pyramid mountain.
Wires entangle everything in the piece, and seem to be coming from the tree itself.
Airplanes battling in the sky leave behind smoke that take shape into something almost pretty, similar to an octopus in the sky, contrasting the dark story with bright and cheerful colors.
Two men in the middle of an endless body of water stand on a bridge, guns drawn to duel, a pistol and some coins resting on the frame of the scene.
A group of bodies desperately try to push up the "candidate" to compete with the general waiting in the back.
Sculpture of a figure with a torso that is filled with nonsensical structures.
Credits: All media
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