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Passions & Perspectives of the world. 

I chose this art piece to make a visual aid of colors in a stitched formation. Not every color is simply laid out, sometimes it's magnificent smushed together.
Seasons change like the events in your life do, I chose this piece to represent how often life can aim at you.
I chose this piece to represent the amount of endless falling down someone could actually do. The colors represent that we're all alike in some way, form, or shape no matter our different struggles.
We all see life from a different perspective, I chose this art piece to represent the different ways, whether its in the face of new challenges everyday or in the mind of a child wanting to play.
Nature's colors is more various than meets the eye, I chose this art piece do decipher the difference of each piece of land.
I chose this art piece to represent the amount of creativity you can put into simple colors. It makes you see more of how lost you can actually get into the world of art.
The best thing about art is that you can choose to do what you want with it. I chose this art piece to represent the playfulness that any amount of color can transport too.
Colors are kind of like the city limits of the art world,they never sleep.They bring out the beauty of all the wonders of the wold and this city scape was a choosing of mine to represent that exactly.
I chose this art piece to represent the amount of things you can do with color and actually make it look smooth regardless of the creativity involved. Colors are everywhere.
What the world doesn't see is the amount of beauty in their every day life.I chose this piece to represent that phrase so the world can start seeing that beauty is everywhere if you look hard enough.
Sometimes no color is vibrant enough to make a statement. Before color there was black and white and that alone made impacts into the world. That is the reason why I chose this art piece.
I chose this art piece to show the representation between the colors of a sunrise. Every color has a certain setting and as well as nature does and this is a perfect example of that.
Just like people, colors all have a certain place where they fit in as well. The difference between the two is that you can modify colors more properly than humans.I chose this art piece to show that.
Every color has it's own pattern as well as it's significant shape. The formation of the colors on this painting made me choose it to see how easy art is just with a simple splatter.
I chose this art piece specifically because it shows how colors can play a part in different areas of life. The world has several different views in it and this painting makes that clear.
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