Renaissance Art

Molly Fry, Frankee Crupi, Alyssa Perez Period 3.

This photo shows Renaissance realism by showing Jesus standing in the middle surrounded by all of his disciples. The food on the table is realistic and looks like you could actually eat.
This art shows all the people trying to get to God. They are helping each other and the background is a very realistic landscape.
The simplistic hands show hands reaching out. Notice the details and muscle in the arms and the old, beat up paper.
This photo shows a young child in an old town. The baby is getting baptised with its family gathered around it.
This photo is very detailed with many different angels. They are surrounding a realistic, designed box.
In this photo, you see Saint George slaying a dragon. Behind him, you see his fair maiden praying for him to survive.
This photo shows a mother holding her child with angels surrounding them. It shows Renaissance realism in the body shape.
This photo shows many men fighting. The realism is shown in their muscles and clothing.
In this photo there are many women surrounding each other. They are very realistic in that they are in a forest picking oranges.
This is a photo of a mother and father holding their dear child. There are many people in the background watching them.
Credits: All media
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