Ma galerie d'art spéciale

This gallery shows the paintings the caught most of my attention and show some meaning for me.

This painting its really intresting, because I like the movement of the Alka Seltzer in brown and black its just cachy. Also its cool because you can picture the Alka Seltzer in real life .
Besides being a cigarette case, the painting on it is really cool. The colors and shapes. Really explicit. Also placing the squares on top of the other
This painting represent my memeories as a child. When I saw it everytime in the bathroom. The fact that many old rooms due look like this and also the patience to paint everysingle thing detailed.
I love how this painting is like really into your mind and makes you think of something that attracks your mind. The curvy movements and wavy type of how it looks. Also in the bottom the tiny village
Leonardo Da Vinci is the best. Its cool how he painted the horse really detailed but the person didint. How its a sketch model of a house, and showing how it would look like in a war
The sculpture can have many meanings. Being placed in a dark white background gives it a change of image. Also with a cristilyzed red looks preatty awesome.
The painting gives a lot of meaning, also the detail guven in the characters in it also the meanig of death being right in the corner. Alos ho wits a tall painting
THis is amazing. The work and effort to make a person and using different squares and shapes its amazing Also how the colors in it gives them a elegatn texture
This painting is just wow. Like it represents a huge time of patience and also of effort. It shows the style of someone who like colorful things
Banksy is the best, in this painting shows how graffitit dosent give an image of the artist, like durty, But no thats why the paintor is there, because dosent matter who didi it, its pure art
Credits: All media
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