We have heard of the word “power” in our life. It is a topic that always exists throughout the history and it never hides. I see that power does not change overtime, but sometimes people who has the power, they use it improperly which leads to make some changes on the original definition.

 Power is an expression that has many branches and twigs. To give an example, power of love, power of money, power of women, power of Satisfaction, and power of desire. To me I see each type of power is an important type and it plays a role in our life; if we use each type of power in the right way, we will have many benefits, and if we do not we will have consequences that everyone will suffer from.

The Goal of this exhibit is to discover how a piece of Art has the ability to reflect one of the power branches through it, and how this power’s branch effects on behaviors and thoughts. 



Power of the Stronger: In our life we see group of people who are stronger than other group. This strength is not only in the body or physically, it could be strength in job positions, and strength of being wealthy. As a result, People who are classified strong in society, they are the leaders and they have the power in society. So, they could set the laws based on their benefits, and all other people who are not strong as them, they should follow their laws and rules. This fact is mentioned also in book 1 of the “The Republic “, when Plato was trying to explain what he meant of “justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger” (Plato Book1). So, he explained by saying, “which is the interest of the government; and as the government must be supposed to have power, the only reasonable conclusion is, that everywhere there is one principle of justice, which is the interest of the stronger.”(Plato Book1). Furthermore, I can see this piece of Art reflects the fact of the power of stronger. Let me explain how I see the connection between this piece and Plato quote above. To me, I see the stronger man who is on the top of the other man is the leader who could be the representation of the government .The government is strong and it has the power in society as what is mentioned in the quote above, and that is why this stronger man on the top is hitting the weaker man, and It is like forcing him to follow what he wants and to do what he orders him.
Power of woman: As I see in the picture, a man who stands between two women, I see the woman on the right as his mother, and the woman on the left as his wife carries his son. The mother raised this man, and he could not continue his life with out woman, so he chose his wife who would raise his children and help him out in his life. So, as I see this piece, to me I see the most powerful person on earth. I am looking at a woman who is the mother, wife, sister, and daughter who always stands by Men. Also, I see the man in the piece is very respectful to his mother and wife because I believe that woman plays an important role in education from the past; She is the teacher in the house for her little kids by teaching them what is wrong and right to do and say, Also Women try to teach their children to have good morals in order to be good with the surrounded society and with their selves. However, Plato in “The Republic " has a different view by saying that woman does not have a role in education "what I have been saying applies to men only and not to women as far as their natures can go"(Plato book 7). I would say if Plato thought more, and looked around him, he might change his mind because men and women always help each other even in the education field.
Power of Desire: At the first sight at this piece of Art, I asked my self-why is there three objects of the same shape? Then, I see this piece as an illustration of human’s power of desire. Based on what Rousseau describes in “Discourse on Inequality” that man always try to get along with the nature ( part1). As a result, we know that man began to use his brain to get used to live on earth by creating devices and inventing machines. However, some men reach to a point in their lives that they have desire to own things that they do not really need them, as what Rousseau says in part 1 of “Discourse on Inequality” “…that the man, who first made himself clothes and built himself a cabin, supplied himself with things which he did not much want, since he had lived without them till then;”(Rousseau part1) So, now I see owning these three repetitive objects as the representation of the man’s desire that describes above, and I see that having only one of the three objects would be enough, no need for three of them !
Power of Satisfaction: In this piece, I see a girl setting in a room that is crowded with clothes, which every girl would be happy with, but I can tell that this girl is depressed, sad, or to be more specific she is not satisfied. In dead, Satisfaction is a power that let people always be happy because with Satisfaction they would be pleased with what they have, and they would not look at other people’s property. As a result, if some wants to enjoy his life, he should follow the secret of happiness, which is the Satisfaction. This viewpoint falls in line with Rousseau’s quote in part 2 of “Discourse on Inequality” where he tries to say that Although the life in the past was hard for men, and the nature requires more in order to get along with it, Men were happy and satisfied with that (Rousseau part2). “; in a word, as long as they undertook such works only as a single person could finish, and stuck to such arts as did not require the joint endeavours of several hands, they lived free, healthy, honest and happy, as much as their nature would admit, and continued to enjoy with each other all the pleasures of an independent intercourse;” (Rousseau, part 2 ) So just be satisfied with what you have, and you will be happy.
Power of Money: What I see in most of the societies, there are many classes that are categorized based on money, so there are the poor class and the rich class. Sometimes wealthy people try to ignite the class discrimination. As a result, the rich class trade on the poor class by letting them works for them with a low paid, or getting them as slaves. And This fact is reflected in this piece of Art and in Marx’s quote in section 1 of “The Communist Manifesto” “As privates of the industrial army they are placed under the command of a perfect hierarchy of officers and sergeants. Not only are they slaves of the bourgeois class, and of the bourgeois State;” (Marx section1) In deed, this is what I see in this piece of Art; I see people from the poor class are tied as slaves after they worked as soldiers for the rich people who are in that Boat looking at them with no mercy as what happened for the Proletariats and the higher class “The Bourgeoisie”. Therefore, People who have money, they have the power to lead the society, but sometimes they use this power Inappropriately as what The Bourgeoisie did.
Power of education: Education can be represented as sea that is rich with treasure, and whoever is educated can enjoy this wealth and treasure. By education people’s knowledge will boost, so they realize their duties and rights, and it is hard to be lied on them because they have enough knowledge and understanding. As a result, people have made sure from the past to educate their selves as it is mentioned in chapter 4 of “Vindication on the Rights of Women”. However, men in the 1800’s were selfish because they prevented woman from education and the reason for that was to stop increase women knowledge, so they would not ask for more of their rights (Wolistonecraft ch4). “Thus understanding, strictly speaking, has been denied to woman; and instinct, sublimated into wit and cunning, for the purposes of life, has been substituted in its stead.” (Wolistonecraft ch4). So, choosing this piece of art reminds me how woman were avoided away from education in the 1800’s . To me, I look at the sea in this piece as the reflection of the education treasure and benefits. Then the way how the man sits and face the sea, tells me that man in that period of time were enjoying the education benefits. However, I feel sorry how the man let his wife to sit, facing him and not enjoying the sea view, which means men were trying to prevent women from education as it is mentioned in chapter 4 of “Vindication on the Rights of Women” . Also, I see a book in the wife's hands, but at that period of time the book that was provided for woman was with blank pages!
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