Frutchey's Balance Gallery

Balanced but asymmetrical because the objects on the left and right side are not the same. The complementary colors also give it a an asymmetrical yet balanced effect.
Balanced. I would still classify this work as symmetrical because if you cut the work in half it would be nearly exactly the same on both sides.
Balanced and symmetrical. If you cut the piece in half and fold it upon itself, you would have the same thing on both sides.
Balanced and asymmetrical
The vase itself is balanced and symmetrical. However, the artwork drawn on it is asymmetrical.
Balanced and asymmetrical in the design of the coin.
Balanced and asymmetrical. The contrasting colors make the asymmetry more pronounced.
Radial balance. All elements are equal distant from the central point and repeat in a symmetrical way.
Balanced. Symmetrical in the shape but asymmetrical in the design.
Radial balance.
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