This gallery is made up of paintings that depict some element of war. Both good and bad things come from war. War creates legends and great men, thought it can also create dark times and evil can at times rise to power. War is a part of life that unfourtalnety will always be around and I believe that it is important for artist to be able to show the public just what it intails. These paintigs range from America to France and all over, the good sides of war like the rise of great men and glory. Also the bad sides like destruction, death, and suffering. Most of the paintings are realistic, this is to help the viewer understand that the realities of war are very real. Most of the colors are dull and low lighting, this is to mostly show the sadness and pain that follows war.

This painting captures a big moment not only in our nations history but in the actual war itself during which this took place. The weather and conditions were terrible and the artist was able to show us this by the way the waves are moving and the faces of the people in the boat. I chose this painting because it shows the struggle of those who fought for our nation's independence
The battle at Bunker's Hill was a gresome battle. Many men died in not by just gun shots but by being stabbed by banets. I think the artist used dull colors to portray that this is a sad and dark battle in which men are brutally murdered. This art was used because I believe it gives a good idea that war is not what some of us think it to be. Its brutal, ugly, and brings about destruction.
Napolean is mostly know for his rule over France. But how he got there was threw he acts and deeds in war for France. He was know as a great leader on the battle field. The artist placed Napolean in this specific pose to show what a leader he was and how he looked like a powerful general. This shows how war can create legends and turn men into kings.
For most of those who actual fight in the wars, pain and suffering is all that follows. The pain from wounds in battle, the suffering of seeing a friend go down. It is all captured in this painting. Show how much pain the soldiers are in and the sadness of those around them. I used this to show that behind the victories is a lot of pain and suffering.
This is a picture drawn to show the first World War. I believe it depicts the brotherhood that war can create. The men are blind folded and don't know where there going, but they are holding onto each other. I choose this to show that some good things can come from war like love and respect for your fellow comrades.
We all know that war always brings two things death and glory. In this painting there are two dead soldiers laying in the ground after a battle. The title is called "Paths of Glory" and i believe that the artist was trying to explain that one of the paths of glory is the death of those who fight for it. This is a excellent example of the cost of war when you fight for glory.
This is the great General Washington of the US Army. In the background is the Revolutionary War and a soldier being cared for. Because of the heroic deeds and action of Washington during the war he became one of the great legends in American history. I chose this because to shows how a mans action and deeds in a war, whether good or bad, can make you be remembered forever.
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