John Wilkes Booth and his Co-conspirators

A brief overview of John Wilkes Booth, the man that assassinated President Lincoln at Ford's Theater, also the other members to his plot to prolong the Civil War.

This picture depicts our 16th President of the United States. He was President from 1861-1865. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in Fords Theater in Washington D.C.
This picture depicts John Wilkes Booth. He was a Southern sympathizer and stage actor, who on April 14, 1865 assassinated President Lincoln. Although he was the only person in his group of conspirators to complete their assigned mission that night.
This charcoal drawing depicts the actual events that took place on that terrible night at Ford's Theater. From left to right is Major Rathbone, Miss Harris, Mrs. Lincoln, President Lincoln, and John Wilkes Booth
This is the actual weapon used by Mr. Booth in the assassination. It is a single shot .44 caliber derringer. This weapon is very effective at close range and very devastating to any living tissue due to the size of the bullet.
Lewis Powell was one of five conspirators. His assignment that night was to kill Secretary of State William Seward. This picture shows him after being arrested in connection with the assassination.
David Herold was to accompany Mr. Powell to assist him in the killing of Secretary of State William Seward. Although there wasn't definitive proof, he was found guilty in the conspiracy to assassinate the President.
George Atzerodt was assigned to kill the Vice-President Andrew Johnson. He never attempted it due to his habit of drinking heavily. Its unclear as to if he got drunk to work up the courage or if it was by accident of habit.
Mary Surratt is the first woman executed by the Federal government. She was suspected of housing the conspirators and was well known as a Southern sympathizer.
The reward poster handed out trying to find John Wilkes Booth and his accomplices. To put the amount into perspective $100,000.00 in 1865 would be equivalent to 1.5 million dollars in todays funds
this picture depicts the amount of people that came to say goodbye to the 16th President of the United States. Even though the picture is of poor quality by today's standards, it can still be seen the large amount of people that turned out to witness the procession.
The actual picture of the execution of the four conspirators. From Left to right- Mary Suratt, Lewis Powell, David herold, and George Atzerodt.
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