Above the clouds

Works of art that reflect things I think you would see above the clouds. 

This picture is an example of fine art because of it's aesthetic purpose. I picked this piece because its simple complexity that you notice when you zoom in and because of its old character/feel.
This picture is another example of fine art because of its imaginative context. I love this piece because of fine details in the butterflies and the depiction of them breaking free above the clouds.
This piece of art would be considered craft art because it is engraved into molding and clearly shows artistic skills. I like the placement of it and the aged-ness shown by the cracks and dents.
This piece is considered craft art because it is pottery. This piece has a different way of showing whats 'above clouds' because you see engraved birds flying and you get a whimsical feel from it.
This is fine art. While not much looks like its happening, I picked this because I love the contrasting colors, which gives a visual appeal and I like the pixel-like texture to it.
This is fine art. I love the simple colors of blacks and grey's which create a subtle, strong image. The distance of the solar eclipse and forefront of the trees shows great intellectual complexity.
Credits: All media
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