Work I Like

Once again, I love the pointillism work of Seurat. This was the very first piece I ever saw of his, I really came to appreciate his artistic value.
This piece interests me quite a bit because it is a 2D piece of art, but she is speaking about turning a useless object and making it art.
This piece reminds me a lot of actual architecture in Spain by Gaudi. I liked that it seemed fantastical, but yet still realistic,
I like this version of Starry Night better than Van Gogh's more famous version. I love the image of the stars reflecting on the water; also the couple standing at the bottom. This version seems more romantic to me.
The realism of this is really what draws me to it. It looks kind of sad, and shows no life, but it intrigues me. I appreciate the achromatic palette attributing to the overall mood.
I am very drawn to images of trees and nature, I've done a few of my own pieces of them. I like this piece because it's light and pretty, and I love the care-free feeling I get from it.
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