Ceramic and sculptural decorations

My four art peaces I chose were from Israel, England, America, and  Kenya, in the 19th century to 1990. I chose these because out of all of the pages of vessels theses ones popped out to me and as I studied them they became more interesting to me. 

This Hanukkah lamp was a collection peace in the 19th century. The dimensions of the peace are 14.6 cm, 26.9 cm for the width. The lamp was from Israel. The medium is porcelain, paint, and glaze.
The wine funnel was the most popular in the 1753-1755 time period. the dimensions of the funnel are 9 cm x 10.8 cm x 9 cm. the medium of the funnel is a soft-paste porcelain.
The neck and neck peace was made in 1977. the dimensions were 38.4 x 63.2 cm. The vase was made in North America. The medium or the neck and neck peace is stoneware with China paint.
This vessel does not have a detailed name but, it's from Kenya. Many would love it. The vessel was made in 1990. The dimensions are 40.6 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm. The medium of the vessel is ceramic and slip.
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