Humanities 1020

Fall 2015

I chose this picture because I love the ships. It looks they are in battle. It looks as if the ship with the American flag is under attack and may be losing the battle.
While studying Pericles I came across this statute of him. I found it very interesting to explore this sculpture while reviewing the class material.
I chose this piece because I really enjoy the artist's freehand work and the amount of detail in the dragon.
I was an art student throughout high school and can relate to this photo. I'm also a photographer so the photo spoke to me on a few levels.
I love the motion/light blur captured in this photo. This is difficult to accomplish without a tripod and an long exposure.
The colorfulness of this wall art caught my attention. It's amazing the amount of detail someone can paint on a wall.
I enjoy the photographers point of view on this one. It really shows the amount of work put in by the artist. This is truly a huge piece of fabulous art.
The photographer includes the artist in this photo.I like being about to see the man behind the artwork.
Again, I enjoy the photographers point of view in this photo. This gives you a look into the environment. This appears to be an empty building. Perhaps the painter is painting this just for the fun.
This painting of the ocean caught my eye. I'm drawn to the sea foam being created by the waves. It's a very simple but complex painting.
This painting has a Japanese feel to me. The painting seems very simple, but has enough small detail to really draw you in. I'm also drawn to the ships off in the distance.
Of course I who doesn't love Van Gogh's Starry Night. After watching the video in class regarding the wind swirls or the concept of turbulence changed my outlook on this painting a lot.
I really have a thing for the ocean and ships... I would hang this in my home. I really enjoy the rough brush strokes and again the ship sailing in the background draws me in.
As a photographer, I love the negative and print side by side. It's looking at the same image, but it's also like seeing a completely different picture.
Since I can remember, my parents have had a similar painting hanging in their living room. My grandfather was in the Korean War and brought the painting back to the states with him.
Liquid Portrait is a bit odd but caught my eye. At first glance I thought it was an owl because of the artist's focus on the eyes. Perhaps the portrait is of an animal instead of a human.
I was drawn to this piece because of studying Van Gogh in class. I've actually seen this painting and a few of his other works, in person at the National Gallery in DC.
I stumbled across this while studying about Rome and the Pantheon in class. I was drawn to the piece because I was interesting in seeing what the Pantheon looked like.
This is my favorite of the Monet Water Lily paintings. I love how the clouds are reflected on the pond water. I picture it being a beautiful day with blue skies and white fluffy clouds.
Another Water Lilies painting by Monet. I enjoy the bright colors and again what appears to be the reflection of the surroundings on the water.
The Weeping Willow is a beautiful tree and this painting is as well. Monet's sloppy brush strokes mimic the branches of the tree.
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