This is the gallery curating magic. I describe these things using the methods-distillation, mash-up. Why I focused on this is that I want to change people's thinking(same as bias) to new-thinking. Therefore, I break up these sophisticated mind. When I talk to you, "What is magic?", and you think, 'to make impossible possible'. I want to change this illusion. Time goes. The world also changes. And, same as magic. // There are 4 parts in this gallery. First is about 'magic in ancient'.  Second is about 'Impossible', which done at that time between middle-age and modern. Third is about 'The War'. And, the last is about 'Korea; The miracle of Han-river'.

The most popular magic in this world.
People's desire is not limited. The tower of Babel is the illusion of people's mind. And that is another magic, I think.
The origin of magic is started by the person; shaman. He used it to control people and make himself the God.
Paul Cezanne is known as the painter of apple. He likes to draw objects, such as apple. It is usually talked that he wants to say about the topic; the Death. In this picture, He makes apples immortal
This is similar to the Cezanne's. The difference between them is the difference of drawing subject.
Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most famous person. He likes to draw things quite deliberately. But he died, not achieved. That is an impossible thing for human.
We also see the desire of human by watching the Portrait. Usual portrait purpose is to frame the people's figure to make it immortal. That is one of the magic method.
This is the 3rd part; The War. The war is made by the boss of nation. Why? They want to make miraculous things to show. This is another thing(and not legal thing) to make magic.
What do you see? The disable? No, the winner. The miraculous america makes the disable the winner.
This is another method to make them immortal.
This is starting section of 4; Korea. This picture implies the Seoul. Seoul is one of miraculous places; The poor goes the rich(very fast). But what is the real? and Is there magic? Here is the answer
Who makes Korea? the citizen. I focused on only person.
I like the art made by 'Jung, Yeon Doo'. This project is inspired by children. He, the artist, heard the children's dream and make it real.
This is the final of my gallery. I want to show the real. As I mentioned before, "What is magic?". And Here is my answer.
Credits: All media
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