Spiritwind Fantasia

this gallery showcases the contrast in the fantasy genre of artwork

this picture depicts a fairy. the fairy is dark against a light background, thus showing the contrast. since the subject is a fairy, it fits in with the fantasy theme of this gallery
the subject of this painting is the nymphs and the satyr. these are creatures from the fantasy world. the satyr being a half human, half goat creature. it fits the theme because the characters are light in color, contrasting with the dark background of the trees
the subject to the painting is the centaur and achilles. the surrounding area is dark around achilles. the usage of a centaur also incorporates the fantasy side of the theme
this picture depicts a sailor and a siren. it is assumed she is luring him into the water. in this picture. both the sailor and the siren are light against the dark background.
this is another depiction os a siren from another person. some believe sirens are birds with human heads. in this picture, the boats are light against the cooler colors surrounding.
in this picture the phoenix is depicted. the lore behind this majestic bird is that it is immortal, when it dies, it sets itself ablaze and is reborn. the dark color of the birds and the river contrast to the light background
in this picture, the subject is the dragon. the picture shows the white dragon against the dark area surrounding. it uses a form of negative coloring to make the dragon pop
in this, there are two dragons. the dragon was thought as a symbol of energy. the light colored dragons against the dark backdrop shows the contrast
the picture displays two people as well as a pegasus. the people and pegasus are all either a light color or white. the surrounding area is colored with cooler or darker colors
this picture shows a griffon. the griffon is a lion and eagle hybrid. although the picture isn't colored, it actually does help contrast with just the linework
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