"Symmetry" is not a symmetrical word.

Art History - 0215.

This is one of my favorite pieces. A Korean golden crown, completely symmetrical
this disk presents clear radial symmetry
this statue was created to be equal on both sides!
symmetry is also often used in clothes. it makes the pieces interesting.
Although not completely symmetrical, this piece obviously shows symmetry on its top half.
even today, symmetry is present! this piece of graffiti proves it.
The symmetry is not present on the entire piece, but on the insect's wings!
This super detailed piece is exactly symmetrical.
Another amazing piece, incredibly detailed and showing radial symmetry.
This clock would be 100% symmetrical if not for the two human figures on the bottom and the eagle on the middle.
This is my other favorite! This intricate piece shows radial symmetry in a beautiful arrangement.
The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous symmetrical "pieces"
a very important Brazilian landmark is also symmetrical!
An almost completely symmetrical golden crown.
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