Don't Stay inside

This gallery is to educate its viewers on the beauty this wonderful world has to offer. Nowadays people are so preoccupied with the newest tech that they forget that they living on one big natural art gallery.

At the northern most point of South America you will find this little fall tucked away near Bogotá, New Granada. I chose this piece because of its natural tranquility. The shades used along with textures make this painting look almost as good as the real thing.
Known to the locales as "The Heads" is one of many natural harbors in New South Whales, Australia. This scenic view uses warm colors and cool colors in a way that will make views feel lost in its beauty. I chose this piece because of its calm tone and great use of realistic textures.
Autumn is a wonderful time any place in the world. But this particular painting of a Russian farm house takes the cake. The deep orange, greens and browns displayed make this a great representation of an autumn day in Russia.
For those who like graffiti and the new wave of art this is for you. London has beautiful and scenic escapes but their street art is as good if not better than those found in Brazil and New York. The contrast between the background from the letter shading into the actual letters really makes this piece pop.
Here is another piece of street art but in a place that seems out of the ordinary. Created by Andrea LaHue she is known for her beautiful water color paintings and use of random flowers as seen in her graffiti.
Sichuan is a south western province in China. This area contains a portion of the Yangtze, the largest river in Asia. Its' natural beauty speaks for itself, the mountainous region has more than just these peaks to offer.
And now for your viewing pleasure is a piece of summer Paris. Created by Vincent van Gogh of the Paris skyline. I chose this piece because of its attention to color contrast and Van Gogh use of his vantage point.
The next stop on our world tour of new and exciting sites is the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. This photo was taken by Francis Frith using a great angle capturing both Wonders in one shot. I chose this piece because Egypt is a wonderful place to visit and contains marvels like these and more throughout the country.
As a New Yorker trips to this place were well deserved after dealing with the hustle of the city. The Adirondack Mountains are located in UpState New York and contains Lake Placid, Plattsburgh, and Lake George. I chose this piece because it reminds me of home with the warm colors and majestic views.
Located in the Pacific Northwest, the Columbia river is the largest in this region of North America. Created by John Fery, he used all the colors associated with the natural colors of the region which are deep greens blues and grey. I chose this piece to end my gallery because it contains great example of the balance of color seen in nature.
Credits: All media
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